Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jeremy is playing in Chile! With Matt Zivich and Steve Shelley!

Whoa, how did this happen? Playing a show in Santiago Chile the day before the Sonic Youths?


Like a medieval ship unwittingly bringing plague into port along with a

shipment of smallpox-infested blankets, a major rock festival intended to

bring good times and fun to Santiago let in one bad ship with stowaways who

bring the dark vibes and anti-pop. Look out for minimal solo guitar

bizzareness and drone/beat action at the Matucana 100 Saturday March 28.


Brooklyn underground stalwarts Tall Firs have sent 1/3 of their band to

Santiago for reconassaince. These guys are by nature pack animals, so when

one gets separated from the herd they are prone to erratic behaviour. Wear

protective gear if you want to get close (falconry gauntlet/sneezeguard).

The next time he swings at the strings will it be a strangled arpeggio or

will a blistering sheet of feedback pour forth or will he miss the guitar

completely? Does even he know?


Jeremy Lemos is one of the insaniacs in the Chicago drone duo WHITE/LIGHT,

who have been described by the Chicago Reader as “disembodied reverberations

and deep tectonic shivers that you experience as much with the follicles and

gut as with the ears.” Matt Zivich is an electronics wizard and we hope they

let him on the plane with whatever he cooks up for this show. Steve Shelley

plays drums in Sonic Youth.


citygirl said...

i'll be there (:

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thanks for the CDs, guys!

you rock, absolutely! =)

added you to FB... :D